Professional Habilitation Programs Targeting Disabled Waste Pickers

Project Title: Professional Habilitation Programs Targeting Disabled Waste Pickers


Stakeholders: Grupo Gestão; Aalborg University.

Problem and context: Waste pickers with disabilities are even more vulnerable than the average waste picker, since their deficiencies and special needs create additional difficulties for their generation of income and effective exercising of citizenship. However, (i) there are no organized data of how many they are in total in Brazil, how many they are in each dumpsite and what kind of disabilities they have; and (ii) there is no specific program to facilitate their economic inclusion and effective citizenship exercising.      

Objective: (i) Investigate public data bases and provide a report about the population of waste pickers with disabilities; (ii) propose possible public programs to catalyze the professional habilitation of waste pickers with disabilities.  

Project Executives: PSP1 Team.

Coordinator Responsible: Mateus Halbe Torres (

Supervising Professors: Paulo Celso dos Reis Gomes (, João Mello da Silva (