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River Waste

Stakeholders: Grupo Gestão; Mechanical Engineering and Design at the University of Brasília; Aalborg University; Saxion.

Problem: pollution of water bodies by plastic in Brazil and in the world.

Context: pollution of lakes, rivers and oceans by plastic compromises fundamental ecosystems for terrestrial flora and fauna. Human beings have allowed plastic waste from their activities to pollute several of their bodies of water, at the risk of generating serious environmental imbalances. In this project, the problem is divided into 3 main sub-problems:

The River Waste initiative, therefore, has several battle fronts focused on each link of the problem:

- River Waste: Integration (detalhes - ver anexos)

- River Waste: Collector (detalhes - ver anexos)

- River Waste: Sandwich injection using plastic wood from recycled materials (detalhes - ver anexos)

- River Waste: Material recycling: Furniture development for the waste picker community (detalhes - ver anexos)

Project Leaders: Gabriela Vilardo ( and Vitória Penteado ( (PSP8).


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