SLU New Commercialization Building

Project Title: SLU New Commercialization Building


Stakeholders: Grupo Gestão; Serviço de Limpeza Urbana do Distrito Federal.

Problem: Waste pickers need to sell the recyclable waste they have sorted in the triage centers. To help them, the BNDES have built a significantly big building at Cidade do Automóvel in Brasília inside the plant of the "Complexo de Reciclagem do Distrito Federal". Millions of dollars were spent and the building is ready. However, the building is not yet in use because there is no stablished model for the operation of the building.

Context: the problem encompasses the main contextualization needed.

Objective: create the best model for the operation of the building that you can. (if you were hired to make the biggest contribution possible to create a model for operation of the building, what would you deliver? That's the challenge and objective here.)

To achieve the project goal, the teams involved must contact Professor Paulo Celso dos Reis to better understand the problem and the possible contributions the team can make.

Project Executives: PSP1 executives

Coordinator Responsible: Mateus Halbe Torres (

Supervising Professors: Paulo Celso dos Reis Gomes (, João Mello da Silva (